Thursday, November 26, 2009

Listen as We Recite Fog in November by Leonard Clark

This month we have been looking at the poem Fog in November, which was written by Leonard Clark. Today we made a recording of the poem. It took us almost ten attempts to get it so we were all happy. We worked through various problems like students getting too close to the microphone, messing up a couple of words and positioning of the microphone to get there.

Please have a listen to our recording:

Here are the words to the poem:

Fog in November, trees have no heads,
Streams only sound, walls suddenly stop
Half-way up hills, the ghost of a man spreads
Dung on dead fields for next year's crop.
I cannot see my hand before my face,
My body does not seem to be my own,
The world becomes a far-off, foreign place,
People are strangers, houses silent, unknown.

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